Theres only one truth, there is no, your truth or my truth. The truth is what it is, what is morally right?  Is it hurting someone? is it jeopardizing someone or something? what is the correct thing to do?  We all know when its correct. When it is good or bad,when we do something wrong, and we don’t care, what circumstances it may bring, and we do it any way. Because,we want to have whatever, it is we want,or we justify what we said, or did, there is no greater thing, when you recognize, your self in another with no judgment. That is the truth. Recognizing the other, as humanly possible. I think, that when someone says “well, I have my truth and you have yours” It’s just away of saying, I don’t care to hurt you and, I will continue,to do whatever, I please. Especially if they don’t want to hear the truth or you just called them out on it, because there being judgmental over your life,pointing fingers and could care less to hurt your feelings, as though they are the only true worthy emotional beings on this earth . let me condemn you! throw you to the lions. because it’s all about me, only me. They don’t accept what is, or how life situations are affecting you personally. To see your self, in another is true intelligence, because,when you put your self in someone else’s shoes,and consider their situation, accepting, and allowing what is.  Is one of loves gestures and what is love, if not the only one true intelligence! to be able to accept what life is, and embracing Every Moment…Is Truth