Hi everybody! Just here pondering, on how this week unfolded after celebrating the 4th of July, My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones, I just can’t believe  what happened,I know that it did happen, because it unfolded,before my eyes while I was watching the reports,of the two black men that were killed by police. It is so sad, that we live in a country where we are considered to be the melting pot of the world,and that if we were not born here, we are either descendents of immigrants,or we a came to this country, for what it stands for. And admired the way of living here, how, we take for granted, how freely we can go do,and say what we want to. What are we forgetting here? what is it,that we need to do? All eyes on the greatest country that we are,and to call our self americans,but today it hurts my heart to see all this bad things, that are happening to our country,seeing the head line “AMERICA AT WAR WITH IT’S SELF” It’s just painful. how things went down, who was to know, that an action a policemen took,in one part of the country,would affect families that were so far from where it took place, who, could have known that day going to work would cost them their life. That morning they left, there wifes, small children and families. As they did so many days before. they thought it was a regular day at work, protecting us. That someone would take their lives is crazy. A call to conscience comes to mind,  a need to change. We are responsible, each and every one of us to bring peace. Just as bad actions ricochet, in this universe, good actions need to ricochet. We all need to change, a shift in conscious needs to occur, one by one, each individual, needs to examine their self, and ask how can I make this a better place?  to live, with out condemning color, race or creed, lets melt and fuse together as a nation. We all bleed and die, hurt. Lets heal as a nation, and bring the now to our present mind, lets forget the past, that hurt us and make a future where we can live and respect each other. We have to let go of the hate and forgive each other. America the land of opportunity,lets give each other an opportunity. And, to the men in blue, please, when called to serve and protect do it with a mindful humanly conscious. Don’t shoot and ask questions later,don’t let authority escalate, to trampling the rights of other humans. Remember innocent till proven guilty. We know were living in hard times, and situations that need immediate action,might take place. But if you can take a moment to look and see who’s right there. listen, please listen! and don’t react to kill so fast, every life matters, we are all human!