what is good and evil ? where does it lay where did it all began and why is it so important how do we know something is good or bad and why do fear the bad it is as though we have a clock an inner gauge in side us that immediately tell us this is bad or a feeling of joy when it is good,it is the darkness that gives us in uneasy feeling of fear or danger and the hairs of our back stand on end when we think of the unknown as though its going to pull us right under take us away a great distrust and the light gives a great comfort and peaceful energy and we know that this is good when we make the correct choices there’s a satisfying feeling and a great calm and peace no question in mind is put into process no remorse or guilt feelings it brings the best in us to strive to be better to be like God from which we come from but if you don’t have a good belief system then you just go by what your ego detects and beliefs and this selfish thoughts and feelings maybe distorted and you will justify any bad decisions you make,you will lie on people an situations just to come clean beware this can bring so much pain and suffering the debt collector will come calling at your door(emotional debt) we have to consider life humanity,compassion unity of sharing this earth to respect the rights of other is peace.