Hi there! I am starting this blog,so I can tell you a little bit of my personal story, trying to give a prospective through my eyes, and along the way to let you know what I have learned in this passage of life on this earth, well,you see, just like everybody else I also have experienced a journey of ups and downs. I don’t think I am an expert, but if I can help someone along the way and give hope that’s enough, to make a difference to let you know that this life,  with all its troubles is worth living and going thru. I hope that when you read this,  I can help sort and give you a better out look,  always looking to the bright side with a positive view of things even though, there came a time and place where everything  went haywire for me. and maybe reading about my experience you can come up with your ideas of making it better and doing it your way, there is nothing you already don’t know, but hearing some one else’s story, coming out of the fog is possible,and if I can do it, you can to. we are all the same and have all same human being rights. I want to say,  that I am a soldier of conscious and trying to live a life of presence, since I was a little girl there hasn’t, been a time where this has not shown up in my life, as though I have been guided by a force stronger than any thing else,you see it doesn’t let me fall away from a path and has  always kept me well grounded, and that’s exactly why, this has happened to me, now that I look back ,and asked so many times, why me? why me? and the answer is, why not me,who am I, not to be human,  that’s why I won the race,that blessed day that I was conceived, rushed to prepare with all my cells to be a humen  being.